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The DVM Company pension scheme

Betriebliche Altersversorgung (bAV)
What is important to you when you think about your pension provision?
Betriebliche Krankenversicherung (bKV)
Is it important to take care of your health?
Betriebliche Berufsunfähigkeitsrente (bBU)
What are the risks of becoming your employee unable to work?
How well are your employees in key positions insured?
What do you think about flexible and sustainable personnel management?
Gruppen-Unfall- Versicherung
Is it important to you to secure your employees?
Betriebliche Zusatzleistungen
How can you switch your tax-free benefits for your employees into a win-win situation?

We not only insure, we protect.

As an employer you have a special responsibility. You have to provide comprehensive cover for your company, and also make provisions for your employees. We assist you with attractive packages and full-service benefits that give you a unique competitive edge as an employer and offer sustainable prospects thanks to particularly favourable conditions.

Wir versichern nicht nur, wir schützen.

We close the statutory pension gap for your employees.

Our experts in the corporate retirement planning

„Seeing the development of my own success every day and being happy and fulfilled in my work was the reason I joined DVM. This is something, I have been day after day since then able to experience.“

Lars Falkowski, DVM manager/ executive/director

„After many years as an insurance expert, I can look back on our countless positive moments. We have a wonderful job owing to the fact that we can help people and companies – in severe loss situations and with sustainable life planning.“

Mario Kozuch, DVM manager/ executive/director

„Listening attentively, paying close attention, and explaining complex topics and complicated matters in a comprehensible way – that´s what insurance and financial matters are all about. Our corporate and private customers appreciate that.“

Uwe Hartmann, DVM manager/ executive/director

„Secondary and dangerous illnesses main to expensive costs for the companies. I would advise all of our corporate customers to take a Keyperson-Insurance for their workers, so that they deny all over costs and protect their company. “

Dominik Farrenkopf

„The demographical change belongs nowadays to one of the most important subject. We close with the pension scheme all the supply gaps. This is meaningful, and I have a positive sense of making a significant contribution to our customer’s future.“

Martin Samhammer

„Many of our corporate customers have recognised that the occupational disability pension is more than just a form of cover: it offers unique features and tax benefits. This often brings a smile to their faces during the consultation – and this is genuinely satisfying.“

Sebastian Zeh

„Managing personnel can be complex, especially when it comes to personalized working models. I take pleasure in providing our clients with full services for time value accounts.“

Florian Karakasch

„When our corporate customers realise that they have suddenly become even more attractive as an employer, this often has to do with a tailor-made company health insurance policy. I am amazed at how our concept is accepted and works.“

Vanessa Hummel

„Many companies are unaware of how much money they can save by sensibly combining coverage, protection, benefits for all, and tax advantages. This is exactly where I am happy to assist: with good advice and customized proposals..“

Sebastian Strache

„Additional company benefits are tax-free extras with advantages for you and your employees. My tip: combine alternative salary increases or reward systems with employer branding and image enhancement for your company.“

Alexander Faber

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Everything from a single source

We recognise and understand your situation – and therefore, we offer you a one-stop solution, providing all services from consultation and information to processing and administration.

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We inform

  • Health-app.
  • Information leaflets.
  • Pension scheme.
  • Data collection from your employees
  • Micro-Site.
  • Salary settlements.
  • Questionnaires for decision.

We advise

  • Conversion agreements.
  • Customised offers.
  • Contract review.
  • Assumption of contracts.
  • Transfer of cover capital.
  • Counselling of your employees.
  • Online, recorded, archived.

We manage

  • Forms management.
  • Change management.
  • Human resources reporting.
  • Document review.
  • Employee benefit card
  • Digital BGM. (occupational health management)

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