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Keyperson insurance

How well are your employees in key positions insured?

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Keyperson Absicherung

As a business owner, you need to take a long-term view towards your company finances.

Simply ´hoping´ that you will not lose a key person just doesn’t cut it – especially when the livelihood of dozens of people depends on your business´s success.

Our “Keyperson-Absicherung” offers you a financial buffer. It allows your business to recoup some of the losses from losing an important individual.

It also works if your employee wants to continue working must take a shortcut because of his illness. Diseases classified as `severe` are predefined but can be expanded if necessary. And if there is a secondary, the multi-pay option provides for a new payment.

Fixed premiums, a guaranteed insurance sum for the entire duration of the contract and flexible adjustment options for higher insurance requirements make the major illness prevention your quick, safe, and uncomplicated partner in case of emergencies.

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Protect yourself so that important projects
can continue in the event of illness!

We help you quickly so that you remain liquid, capable of acting and flexible in an emergency.

The advantages of keyperson insurance

What are your advantages as an employer?

  • One-time-fee in case a key employee unexpectedly becomes incapacitated for a long period of time.
  • One-time-payment, in case the employee stays despite illness but needs to reduce involvement.
  • With multi-pay option, a renewed payout of 50% of the insurance sum for secondary diseases.
  • Price guarantee for the premium and the insurance sum throughout the entire term.
  • Adaptable adjustment options without a new health examination in case of increasing coverage needs.
  • Low effort during the application process, uncomplicated handling in case of a claim.

What are your advantages as an employee?

  • Permission to continue working at reduced capacity despite illness.
  • No loss or damage risk of your own employer through illness.
  • The security of being able to return to a well-supported transitional workplace if needed.
  • The possibility of handling over the phone during all the process.
  • Health questions and examinations.

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How well are your employees in key positions insured?

Keyperson insurance

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