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Supplementary benefits

How can you switch your tax-free benefits for your employees into a win-win situation?

Uncomplicated processing Tax advantages No non-wage labour costs Alternative salary increase Reward system Building a good reputation
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Salary increases need to be taxed and result in additional labor costs. Company benefits are an interesting alternative in this context. With the Employee Benefit Card, you offer your employees tax-free perks in the form of a voucher card, with minimal administrative effort.

This is not that much difficult; you just have to full the card monthly with the tax-free amount, currently set at 50 euros. This creates a balance that your employees can handle on their own through a user-friendly online platform. They can use it for shopping, fuel, or meals at local partners.

Besides, your employees have the possibility to pay with their benefits card, working similar to a prepaid credit card.

The employee benefit card is an effective way for your company to retain and reward employees: Birthdays and other special occasions can be handled annually with tax-free amounts. You don´t have your own canteen? Then the restaurant pass is an additional and particularly flexible catering solution: you simply load the tax-advantage subsidy onto the card, and your employees can redeem their credit at 35,000 acceptance points nationwide.

You can also use your employee benefit cards with your company´s logo or in a custom card design to strengthen your employer branding!

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Our tip: Use the employee benefit cards in your own card design to strengthen your employer branding.

The tax-free non-cash benefits of the Employee Benefit Card also work as a thank-you gift for business partners.

The advantages of supplementary benefits

What are your advantages as an employer?

  • Tax advantages due to tax-free
  • No additional non-wage labour costs.
  • Investing in your employer branding by printing your own logo with your own design.
  • Low administrative effort, as the card is issued only once.
  • Uncomplicated processing via the employer portal.

What are your advantages as an employee?

  • The possibility to pay directly in cash.
  • Shop, travel or refuel in 95 regional networks.
  • A special app for you to check your credit.
  • An online portal with detailed information about the use of the card.
  • High security thanks to Chip and PIN.

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How can you switch your tax-free benefits for your employees into a win-win situation?

Supplementary benefits

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